Aloe lineata

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae   

Uobičajeni naziv: Nije poznato

Znanstveni sinonima:
Aloe perfoliata var. lineata

Hladno Smjelost zone: 8b     Pogledajte u Velikoj Britaniji i SAD-zone karata

Aloe lineata informacije

Compact medium-sized rosettes form on a stem that can be up to 2 meters in height. The stems are usually single and they are covered with the remains of old leaves. Leaves are a bluish-green colour, fine striations that run parallel to one another are present on the leaves, leaf surfaces are smooth, leaf margins are armed with sharp reddish-brown teeth. Inflorescences are simple and up to four are borne from each rosette, racemes are tightly packed with numerous buds. Flowers are a light pink to bright red colour. Flowers are tubular in shape. The buds form a neat looking raceme and they are covered by lasrge bracts.

Opće informacije:
Frost tolerant.


Porijeklom iz, South Africa

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