Aloe vryheidensis

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae   

Uobičajeni naziv: Wolkberg Aloe

Znanstveni sinonima:
Aloe dolomitica

Zajednički sinonimi:
Brown Aloe, Bruinaalwyn

Hladno Smjelost zone: 9a     Pogledajte u Velikoj Britaniji i SAD-zone karata

Aloe vryheidensis informacije

Stems are single and up to 2 meters in height, old dried leaves are present on stems, in older speciemens the trunk take son a tapered look due to the way the old leaves wither away. The leaves are a greyish-green colour which may get a reddish tinge during the winter months. Leaves are erect and spreading, leaf surfaces are smooth, leaf margins are armed with numerous small sharp teeth. Inflorescence are simple, up to five may be borne from a rosette, racemes are long and cylindrical in shape and tightly packed with numerous flowers. Flowers are quite small and bell-shaped, stamens protrude from the mouth of the flower and they give the appearance of the flower being yellow.

Opće informacije:
Aloe vryheidensis grows well in the garden and it bthrives in an alkaline soil, you can add dolomitic lime if your soil is acidic. Grow in a well-draining medium to help prevent fungal infections.


Porijeklom iz, South Africa

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