Trachycarpus fortunei sp. wagnerianus

Family: Arecaceae    Palma

Uobičajeni naziv: Miniature Chusan palm

Znanstveni sinonima:
Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Trachycarpus fortunei var. surculosa

Zajednički sinonimi:
Waggie, Wagner. Japan: Shuro, Wa-Juro

Hladno Smjelost zone: 7a     Pogledajte u Velikoj Britaniji i SAD-zone karata

Trachycarpus fortunei sp. wagnerianus informacije

This plant is unknown in the wild, all known plants originate from cultivation in Japan. A medium sized fan palm, very similar to the much better known T. fortunei , but this species has shorter, stiffer, more erect leaves that aren't as deeply divided. Dioecious. The most cold tolerant of the Trachycarpus .

Opće informacije:
Culture: Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Best suited to the sub-tropics and temperate regions. Very cold tolerant, and very fast growing.


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